This is what our clients say about us.

“Cassie's work with me has been outstanding, very compassionate and understanding of injury related situations as well as personal situations that were out of my control. Having someone be understanding etc. makes a massive difference to someone suffering and recovering from traumatic injuries. I ended up having a placement with an automotive company for my Back to Work programme which then resulted in a fixed term contract for the next 5-6 months. I also did months of rehab with Active+ which was beneficial for staying active mentally and physically. Cassie has been a lovely person to me. I really appreciate everything she has done to help me.”
“Cassie was always very patient and reassuring with my concerns. She created a fantastic CV and cover letter and kept me updated all the time. The service was personal and efficient, and Cassie always walked the extra mile for me. I landed a fantastic job at an office with a good salary and flexible hours. Thank you for helping me out to make a 180 degree on my career after my accident. I couldn’t be grateful enough.”
“(The service was) very informative and showed me a good direction to follow. I set up a well organised file system and suitable cover letters and CVs for each job application and it put me in a good space and gave me confidence to apply for suitable work options even after the service was completed. I found it very informative, useful and encouraging.”