Outplacement clients

Focus on Jobs provides tailored 1-1 Outplacement Services for staff being made redundant throughout the Auckland area in person, and nationwide via Zoom. We offer a range of services.

Career planning

Career planning will be useful for you if you are unsure of your next career move, or are keen to set some longer term goals. Career planning is a three stage process.

  1. We coach you through a process of identifying your skills, interests, and what you want to get out of work.
  2. Based on preferences we work alongside you to research potential opportunities in the marketplace.
  3. We then facilitate a goal setting and action planning process to help you get on the way to their new career.

Career planning typically involves 3-4 hours of meetings.

CV and cover letter preparation

We have vast experience in preparing CVs and cover letters for clients from different backgrounds, from those in manual through to top level roles.

CV and cover letter preparation follows this process:

  1. You provide us background information via our form and/or providing your previous CV
  2. We arrange a meeting via phone or Zoom to discuss (usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes)
  3. We prepare a draft CV, provide it to you and liaise regarding changes.

Preparation for employment package

Our preparation for employment package is tailored to your individual needs and typically includes addressing the following:

  • Job search planning and goal setting
  • Personal branding
  • Preparation of job applications including tailoring of CV and writing cover letters
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Ongoing job search support

Preparation for employment typically takes place over three sessions of 90 minutes each (more if providing ongoing job search support).