Private Insurance clients

Focus on Jobs works with some of New Zealand’s and Australia’s largest insurance companies to help people who have suffered illness or injury to move forward in their work and lives. We provide a range of services.

Occupational Assessment

We provide occupational assessment services to suit your individual situation. Such assessments typically involve reviewing your skills, training/ education, experience and interests, and identifying realistic work options based on this information.

We then present this information in a comprehensive report, which in conjunction with a medical assessment can be used to determine suitable employment options for you and a plan for getting back into the workforce.

Career planning

Career planning will be useful for you if you’re unsure of their next career move, as if often the case following an illness or injury which prevents you from doing what you did previously. Career planning is a three stage process.

  1. We coach you through a process of identifying your skills, interests, and what you want to get out of work.
  2. Based on preferences we work alongside you to research potential opportunities in the marketplace.
  3. We then facilitate a goal setting and action planning process to help get you on the way to your new career.

Pre-employment coaching

Pre-employment coaching provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure suitable and lasting employment. It is customised to suit your needs and often includes the following;

  • Job search strategies and goal setting
  • CV and cover letter preparation and tailoring these to specific jobs
  • Linked In profile preparation
  • Interview skills training
  • Ongoing job search support

Sourcing and monitoring work experience opportunities

Focus on Jobs can source work experience opportunities to measure and increase your capacity for work. We have an active database of over 450 employers in the Auckland region with whom we can place clients, and our consultants are skilled in approaching employers to source opportunities. We will also work with you to tap into your own networks.

Our consultants are skilled in monitoring work experience with the aim of increasing your capacity for work. We have relationships with occupational therapists with specialist skills in working with clients suffering from a wide range of illnesses and injury, who we call upon to help us in this work. 

Job search

We can assist you in obtaining paid employment. We have a large network of employers throughout the Auckland region and our consultants are skilled in approaching employers on our client’s behalf. We also work with you to tap into your own networks.

Post-placement support

Following successful placement into paid employment we provide support to help you maintain your new job. We are available to help you to address any concerns about keeping your job, either related to or unrelated to your illness or injury. This can involve liaising with your employer, or providing other support such as arranging equipment to help you manage the job.