Focus on Jobs works with some of New Zealand’s largest insurance companies helping those who have suffered illness to identify and clarify a new career direction and move forward in their work and lives.
Services include;

Career Planning

Career planning is a three stage process.
In the first stage the individual is coached through a process of identifying their skills, interests, and what they want to get out of work.
Having gained some clarity it is then necessary to explore the market place. The final stage is to determine a course of action and plan to achieve these goals.

Employment Coaching

Employment Coaching provides the individual with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure suitable and lasting employment. It is customised to suit the individual but often includes the following components;

  • CV preparation and tailoring to specific jobs
  • Goal setting
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Skills

Career Assessments

Focus on Jobs has developed a number of different career assessments to suit the individual’s needs. Career assessments typically involve reviewing skills, training/ education, experience and interests, and identifying realistic work options based on this information.
The information is then presented in a comprehensive report, which in conjunction with a medical assessment can be used to determine suitable employment options for the individual.

Work Experience and Job Search

We can source work experience and assist the individual in obtaining employment. To achieve this we use proven marketing techniques including tapping into our own and the individual’s networks.
Focus on Jobs has wide networks across a range of industries and have had great success in securing work experience and/or employment for clients in a large number of industries and jobs.

Curriculum Vitae Preparation

We have extensive experience in the preparation of effective CVs for people approaching a wide range of industries and jobs.

CV preparation is often combined with career planning and career assessments.