Unsure of your next career move?
Reconsidering your work goals?
Contemplating study?
Need to take your career to the next level?

Focus on Jobs offers a number of services designed to help you get the most out of work and your career.

Career Planning

Career Planning will assist you to clarify direction and set goals to help you reach your full potential. It involves the following three stages.

Stage 1: What do I want?

Firstly we will address some of the following;

  • what you want to get out of work now and in the future
  • what activities you would like to do at work
  • your interests
  • how you currently spend your time and how you would like to spend your time in the future (in work and leisure)
  • hurdles you may need to overcome
  • your skills

We then pull this information together to consider what it means for you and your work in the future. This includes identifying potential work options and ways of working.

Stage 2: What is out there?

This stage involves information gathering about your options, and can involve;

  • researching of specific work options
  • looking at trends in the world of work in the 21st century

Stage 3; Planning and Action

The final stage in Career Planning is deciding on a path, setting goals to move forward and taking the first steps.

Curriculum Vitae Preparation

We have extensive CV preparation experience for a wide range of individuals seeking employment in many different fields.

Career Coaching

We provide ongoing coaching for those seeking employment and in employment to help them reach their career goals.