We offer a range of services to those referred to us by ACC and other accident insurers.

Initial Occupational Assessment/ Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment

Individuals who have been injured and are at risk of not being able to return to their former employment may be asked to undertake an Initial Occupational Assessment. Further on in the process individuals may also be asked to undertake a Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment.

What you can expect;
A Focus on Jobs consultant will make contact to book an appointment time at one of our meeting rooms around the greater Auckland area.
At the meeting we will discuss with you your skills, experience and training.  We will identify potential work options with you.
This will be documented at the meeting and a report will be submitted to your accident insurer.


Programmes to assist a return to work

Individuals who are looking to return to work may be referred to one of the following programmes to assist them get back into work.

Pre-employment Preparation

This programme will assist people to prepare for finding work. The programme is very practical, with a focus on;

  • Identifying what type of work to target
  • job search
  • goal setting
  • applying for work
  • writing covering letters
  • targeting CVs
  • preparing for job interviews

It has been specifically designed for people who are out of work due to injury and want to ensure that they market themselves as best they can.

Individual Work Preparation Programme

This is another programme designed to assist individuals to prepare to find work.  It has three components; vocational, activity and psychology.

This section of the programme is very practical, with a focus on;

  • identifying what type of work to target
  • job search
  • goal setting
  • applying for work
  • writing covering letters
  • targeting CVs
  • preparing for job interviews

The activity section focuses on identifying and working on strategies to enable the individual to manage returning to work from a physical perspective.

It is well recognised that being out of work due to injury impacts on the way individuals feel and think. This section of the programme focuses on psychological strategies to assist participants move back towards work positively and manage the new demands they will encounter.

Work Ready Programme

The aim of this programme is to provide the participant with a period of work experience. This can be helpful to the individual in the following ways;

  • Allows the participant to develop and practice work skills, especially helpful in a role where one has no previous experience
  • Improves and tests fitness for work in a controlled environment, often with a graduated increase in work hours
  • Introduces the participant to an employer who may (although is not obliged to) provide employment once the trial is completed
  • Improves marketability by providing recent work experience

Focus on Jobs, in consultation with the participant will arrange a work trial. The work trial will often start at part time hours and over time increase with the aim of completing a 35 hour week by the end of the trial. An Occupational Therapist is used to ensure that the work tasks in the particular job are suitable for the participant, given their injury.

Through the course of the work trial Focus will maintain regular contact with the employer and the participant. This will allow Focus to monitor progress and modify the trial if and when necessary.

Transitional Job Search

In this programme a Focus on Jobs consultant will assist you to gain employment.

Our consultants will use all means possible to assist the participant to find a job. We have wide networks across a range of industries and have had great success in securing work experience and/or employment for clients in a large number of industries and jobs including;

  • Transport and driving
  • Automotive Parts
  • Baking
  • Retail
  • Passenger service- Taxi and Bus
  • Teaching and Teacher aide
  • Child Care
  • Aged  and home care
  • Hospitality
  • Sheet metal/ welding
  • Corrections and Justice
  • Pneumatic engineering
  • Painting
  • Caretaking
  • Forklift driving
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Clerical and administration
  • Security
  • IT support and hardware installation
  • Mechanical and Vehicle WOF assessment
  • Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Building
  • Panelbeating